It’s nearly time for the 2016 Waterfowl and Wetlands Spring Survey, our annual assessment of waterfowl abundance and wetland condition at 100 sites throughout southern South Australia and we would be very grateful if you are able to count the same wetland(s) you surveyed last year (or any that you’re able to).  
The aim is to undertake the surveys in the week leading up to Sunday 30th October 2016.depending on conditions and availability.
Please find attached a list of the wetland survey sites.  These sites are part of an ongoing monitoring program so we encourage you to visit them in preference to other sites you may know about. If your wetland is not on this list, please include it in your email to Jason. Once the responses re wetlands being surveyed has been compiled in a couple of weeks, a copy of the data sheet to record your observations for that wetland will be sent to you directly. 
Please let Jason Higham know by this Monday 10 October which survey sites are to be visited.
To ensure participants are covered by DEWNR’s insurance, everyone must be a registered volunteer to participate either as a regionally based volunteer or through the Abundant Species Unit.  We are asking all our surveyors, where possible, to work in partnership with volunteer programs in the regions. Our expectations is to involve more local communities in the survey which will enable us to widen the scope of the survey to include not just the present core sites but other wetlands, increasing our information on conditions, wetlands and duck numbers.  
You may already be a registered DEWNR volunteer but if not, please complete the attached Volunteer Registration and Medical Form and return to either
·       Jason Higham, Threatened Species Unit,  
·       Sylvia Clarke for the Riverland                  ; or 
·       David New for the South East,                 
We appreciate your assistance and input into this year’s survey.  The information you  gather contributes to the Assessment of Waterfowl Abundance and Wetland Condition in south-eastern South Australia.
Please email or telephone (08) 8303 9679 or 0409 098 535, if you have any questions.