Join Christian from CHASA as he walks us through the conditions and the code of practice for the highly anticipated 2024 duck hunting season.

In this informative video, Christian provides valuable insights into the regulations, guidelines, and expectations for hunters participating in the upcoming season.

From bag limits to hunting zones, Christian covers all the essential details to ensure a safe, responsible, and enjoyable hunting experience for all.

Stay informed and prepared for the 2024 duck hunting season by watching the full video linked below.
Get ready to embark on a memorable hunting adventure while upholding the highest standards of ethics and conservation. 

 #StayInformed #HuntingPreparation

Tune into and be sure to know what the hunting permit conditions are and how you can be a responsible hunter in 2024. 

Nicola Centofanti MLC and Frank Pangallo spoke to Matthew Pantelis about Labor’s deer culling program.

Listen to this interview to hear how they supported our position.

CHASA appreciates the support we receive from our elected members, we are grateful that they are willing to stand up and speak about these matters both in the public and in parliament.

CHASA recently collaborated with the Beachport District Development Association and the Lake George Management Committee to create this short video asking visitors to the lake to take care of the environment and leave no evidence that they had been there.

A big thank you to our videographer Jerry Zimmer who used footage we had recorded previously to create a background for the message being delivered.

Obviously these 3 simple rules can be applied to all coastal lakes and any other natural location we enjoy regularly.

We encourage all of our supporters to share this video wherever they can to spread the word.