DEWNR Factsheet 2 Access to Chowilla FINAL

 The actual operating height achieved will be subject to change based on river conditions and dependent on the availability of sufficient River Murray flows and environmental water allocations. If implemented, the testing will enable connection and inundation of wetlands and floodplain areas within the Chowilla Game Reserve and achieve benefits for flora and fauna.

As water levels are raised behind the Chowilla regulator, Lock 6 will also be progressively raised initially targeting a height of 19.75 m AHD (raised by 50cm above normal pool level) but potentially higher if higher targets at the Chowilla regulator are achieved. Lock 6 is raised in conjunction with the regulator to ensure that flow velocities through the Chowilla anabranch can be maintained. This is important to enable the management of water quality and protect critical habitat for native fish including the Murray cod.


 Information including DVD clips can also all be downloaded from the website as follows – which will be further updated on Monday: Website:

Information regarding access in the Game Reserve is also being updated. As Phil Strachan reported at the meeting it will be necessary to close tracks and campsites (as occurs under natural flooding) during the event. Information will be available and updated on the DEWNR website and via the Natural Resources Office in Berri.

Updates regarding SA weir pool levels and Chowilla operations are also provided in the weekly SA River Murray Flow Report at