This is the final Standings pending a commitment from competitors to the  State Target Director, weather they will attend  the State Championship and the Nationals.

Note the 2 scores highlighted in yellow. They were unable to attend 2 Events due to work commitments, so according to South Australian Field and Game State Championships and State Qualifying Shoots Rules and Guidelines (July 2022 Revision 1.3)

 Paragraph  A member who has attended a minimum of two (2) qualifying shoots and is unable to achieve the 3rd qualifying shoot due to work commitments or sickness can apply for dispensation in writing to the Clay Target Director. Permission may be granted to have a score from a shoot of equal or higher standard allowed as the 3rd qualifying score.

Both Competitors nominated the Oceania Event has equivalent or higher event.

The first Link is before I eliminated the competitors that could not qualify.

The second link is the final results. All members that did not qualify, therefore eliminated.