For our next club shoot, Saturday 19th September 2020 shoot will be 80 Target English Sporting Clays Handicapped. Also, we’ve decided to make it the John Hill Memorial Shoot.

We will use white board and write in different colours to identify SXS & U/O shooters. No scores will be recorded in your card or on SCA.
There will be 2 lots of prizes for Saturdays shoot, depending on what type of gun you shoot with.

There will be prizes for shooters who use SXS over all grades.Whoever shoots highest score with SXS is eligible to win John Hill Memorial Trophy.Sponsors will be Leopold/ Fabris Families, Tim Lloyd, Wayne & Christine Gurney. Prizes for U/O shooters but only AA, A, B, C grades.Sponsors are Goodnwindi Charolais, Bellinger Family.

Sunday 20th September 2020 will be Covid19 Classic, 75 Target shoot with prizes over all grades. It will be normal shoot day with scores recorded on your card and on SCA.Sponsors will be SE Pastoral, Somerset Hotel/ Motel, Scott Harlock, Millicent Toyota, Sealy’s Springs, Dave Reily Paint & Panel, Limestone Coast Rewinds, Therapy for Life and Life Members.

If you would like to pre nom for Sundays shoot, please click on link below and that will take you to SCA website and follow the instructions. We have also put our bank account details on there to pay online or you can pay on the day.

There will be NO overall prizes, as it is 2 separate shooting days.
We are changing this September shoot to promote our sponsors who have missed their shoots due to Covid19, earlier in the year. We are also running out of shoot months for this year. There will be normal Canteen and Bar facilities at the club. Also camping available for those wishing to stay.
Lastly please keep in mind that this shoot will go ahead as long as no more restriction changes are made for SA.

Thank you for your time and keep your distance, washing and sanitizing your hands๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

Meagan Whitehead