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Since the closing of duck season, members of Loxton Field and Game have been busy making improvements to the Noora camp site. There had been an old shed at the Noora camp site that was showing signs of age, wear and tear. This shed was pulled down last year with a new larger shed designed to be erected at the camp site. On Saturday the 19th of August a team of Loxton Field and game members, under the guidance of engineer Kevin Nickolai erected the frame of the new shed and concreted it in. In what was a fantastic team effort the whole job was done in under 5 hours. Thanks to all who turned up to help and a big thanks to Kevin for designing and getting the shed prepared for erection. It will be a great asset for all who visit Noora in the future. Our next task will be to get the roof and walls on which will take place during September.

The Noora committee have also been busy getting nesting boxes made and ready for installing, which took place on the 26th of August. Glen Hundertmark did a fantastic job assembling and painting the nesting boxes. Rick Gibbs, Heath Gotts and Glen have set the nesting boxes up in a cove in Noora number 1 basin. These boxes will be monitored throughout the breeding season and we are hoping to make a positive impact on bird numbers at Noora.