RecFish SA – South Australian Size, Bag & Boat Limit + King George Whiting Options Paper Survey

RecFish SA has launched our survey on PIRSA’s proposed changes to South Australian Size, Bag & Boat limits, as well as, the Management Options for King George Whiting Paper.

These are very important issues, so don’t miss chance to have your say!

By now, you may be familiar with the proposed changes and KGW options. If you require more information, the 3 key documents out for public consultation can be downloaded from here (links are also provided in our survey).

We know that South Australian fishers want to be able to enjoy high quality fishing experiences, by accessing sustainably managed fisheries. Recreational fishers expect their fisheries to be managed in a way that is not only ecologically sustainable, but also fair and equitable; recognising the economic & social benefits of recreational fishing.

So please take a few minutes to respond to this important survey. RecFish SA will include the information shared with us, in our official response to the South Australian Government.

Rounded Rectangle: Click to Have Your Say on the PIRSA Recreational Fishing Review

[Please note: Survey Closes April 17, 2016 ]

We welcome feedback from our members, stakeholders and all South Australian recreational fishers. If you, or your club/organisation would like to provide a more detailed submission or feedback, please send it to consultation@recfishsa.com.au