Dear SAFGA Member,

On behalf of CHASA and the Duckwise WIT Training Team, any member or persons wanting to obtain their WIT Accreditation to hunt Ducks during an Open Season. There is only 4 weeks left before the Open Season starts, therefore time is limited.

Information below relates to the Adelaide Region.

We can advise on how to obtain your WIT if you’re in the Southeast Region – please refer to the Co-Ordinator for further information.

 Bookings Now Open!!

Please ready Carefully the attachments in order to book your training and testing.

 In the meantime:

I also have attached a WIT Training application form in the event you know of someone else that wishes to obtain their WIT Accreditation

Letter To WIT Paticipants_2024

CHASA Duckwise WIT Training Flyer

 If there are any queries you may have please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you on Behalf of CHASA and Your Duckwise WIT Training Team

Phillip Papaioannou